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Why do we exist?

SKILOCKR is a company founded to reduce the theft rate of ski's and snowboards in winter sport areas. Our locker system is suitable for skis and snowboards in all sizes and is placed at partner restaurants and bars at or at the bottom of the slope.

On all the places our SKILOCKR is installed, users can safely enjoy their meal or drink at the partner restaurant. The system allows them to lock their skis or snowboards safely for a fee based on the time the SKILOCKR has been in use. The SKILOCKR is custom made of sustainable and heavy duty material. Therefore the SKILOCKR is vandal proof and can withstand extreme weather conditions up to -20 degrees Celsius and heavy snowfall. Our contactless pin system makes it possible for users to use a locker by simply scanning their debit card or mobile paying systems such as Apple pay. When users want to take their own gear out of the SKILOCKR they only have to scan their debit card or mobile paying system again and the locker will open itself.